There are many concentrations of bars on Streets 110, 104, 130, and 136 as well as Street 5 which runs parrallel to the koreansk tv live porno riverfront between 110 and 148.
Pontoon Caberet show on Thursdays, flashing lights on the Dance Floor in Pontoon.Heartbreak, Garage Bar, City Bar Happy Man to name a few.At the North end of the riverfront overlooking the night market, Code A new Nightclub Code is expected to open. Bars on Street 51 include PitStop, Howies late night bar, White Cobra Bar, 51, Shanghai, Alien, Plan B, Drunken Sponge well as the Popular Golden Sorya Mall which houses bars in a beer garden like setting.Don't miss the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) for one of the best views of the riverfront action and a terrific happy hour.One to 3 dollars is the standard fare depending on the distance between most night life areas. .The Riverfront-Sisowath Quay, for the first night on the town, the Riverfront boosts a line of restaurants and bars, lit up at night to show off its serene, laid-back, colonial feel.One can cut down Street 5 towards 130 and 136 Streets.Slur Bar on Street 172 a new venue offering live music.Barbados, Loco Bar, Angry Birds Hostess Bar and Nightclub, and Fire Bar.Phnom Penh has a vibrant nightlife offering a wide range of evening venues.Equinox bar on Street 278 is hosting live music once or twice a week, usually Thursdays and Saturdays Memphis Pub has a regular band on the weekends.A new venue offering live music on Street 172 on the opposite side of 51 from Pontoon is Slur Bar. .Its aimed at the younger backpacker crowds.Mekong River is one of the few late night venues right on Sisowath Quan and if you seek a little outdoor serenity its a good option. .
Along Street 5 there is the Bodega, a few eateries ambien avhengighet chat rom such as the French restaurant La Patate and Domino Bar.

Street 130, where Sharky Bar was the only venue has seen a rise in hostess bars springing.
Plenty of  other rooftop bars dot the riverside as well as many sidewalk cafes.