Make the chat form Add spec/chat-form-spec.
For the constructor, you'll need to create new chat-log and chat-form elements, store them in this.
Database structure The structure of a Firebase is basically that of a giant json object, a tree where every object in the database has some children, which are themselves objects which can have children, and.
Firebase is a database with a few nifty features: You can use it entirely from client side Javascript."chat / the list of chats may not be listed ( permissions here) / a chat conversation "key / if the chat hasn't been created yet, we allow read so there is a way / to check this and create it; if it already exists.Your clients will be interoperableit won't matter if you're using my code or yours, we'll still be able to talk to each other.You can test out your log with ml, which is just an empty document with a chat-log.We'll write Javascript that defines how the chat-room tag should behave.Append in the console because we've set id'log' on the chat-log element.There is no limit on the size of a message, except those imposed by Firebase.The browser makes elements with ids available as global variables (that is, it puts them into window'their_id.Create a gh-pages branch and push.You signed out in another tab or window.You don't have a working chat form yet, but if you go to your Firebase dashboard, you should be able to create a "messages" node under your database, add messages to it, and see them pop up in your chat room.Your chat log's append function should: Take a single argument, a message of the format user: "ashi ts:, msg: "Hi".
"admins "chat1 "user_id_1 "active true, "user_id_2 "active true, "chats "chat1 "messages "random_id "message "first daenerysdeny camgirl videoer message "sender "user_id_1".
That means it's someone else's problem if it breaks.

You signed in with another tab or window.
todo: append a message element to the log For the connect function, you'll need to create a Firebase ref, get a reference to the "messages" child, and listen for "child_added".