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JC: It all started by just sitting down and personally emailed/messaged hundreds of our friends, showing them our landing page and asking them to share the page with their own networks.
It was enormously successful for.
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We wanted to run pre-launch for 30 days but we had a few delays, and also couldnt postpone our campaign any longer.JC: Yes, Tims guides are amazing.SP: Ah, we actually did a Harrys style campaign for The Hustle.You may take.252, 642, 643, 644, 648, 650, 918, Green1, and get off at Hsin-Tien Post Office Station.Technical Support for further assistance.How do I get a watch?SP : 2,000 sounds like a small email list, but it must be an insanely high quality list if it could drive 100,000 in pledges in a matter of hours.We look like a luxury brand, but youd never see a traditional luxury brand share content like this.You know, we got a lot of responses to those emailspeople who simply wanted to share their excitement about our watches.He has one on building a pre-launch list, with Harrys as the case study; and another on raising 100,000 on Kickstarter in 10 days, with Soma Water as a case study.We invested in photography.Its a totally different approach.It seemed to work.
MRT Dapinglin chat homofile london station, take exit.2 and turn left on Bei Hsin Road and walk down about 300 meters.