Why it's worth a watch: Such an earnest situation at the time pushed at the mainstream movie boundaries.
From the third member of the heist crew who bails, to Sal's suggestion of Wyoming when asked which country he'd like to escape to, you'll find yourself chuckling frequently.Why it's worth a watch: In a world where gay characters are regularly sidelined as tekst chat rommet comedic relief, Imagine Me and You puts them front and center.Then there's all the other genres thrown into the mix; horror, sci-fi, romance, fantasy, thriller.The real brilliance of the script is how damn funny.What follows are the top 25 gay movies, showcasing the vibrant, albeit oftentimes difficult lives of these characters.Must Read, most Shared, latest News, must Read, most Shared, latest News, advertisement - Continue Reading Below.Brutal reality twists that shouldn't have been.Corrie star calls for "naughty" Toyah storylines.Dog Day Afternoon (1975 the movie: 40 years on this Sidney Lumet's movie still packs a punch.The pair share a tragic event in their past, which sends them off in wildly different directions - one becomes a male prostitute, the other an alien abduction obsessive.After a serious overhaul, Piper Perabo's bride locks eyes with spille cam jenter Lena Headey's sexy florist (yep, Cersei) as she trots down the aisle.They break up, they make up, and the backdrops to all of their squabbles are stunning.The movie: Directed by celebrated gay auteur Gregg Araki, who dabbles with lgbt in practically every one of his movies, we follow the lives of Neil (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Brian (Brady Corbet).The movie: Ol Parker's quaint British comedy is a by-the-numbers romance that was originally intended to be played straight; woman meets mysterious stranger on her wedding day and proceeds to fall in love with them.Plus, didja read the bit about aliens?Based on the real-life story of a Brooklyn bank robbery gone wrong - during a mega-hot summer - it combines solid drama with a fast pace.Bad boy Sonny (Al Pacino) plans a bank heist that will help him pay for his male lover's (Chris Sarandon) sex change operation.

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Why it's worth a watch: Though Leto is magnificent this is McConaughey's show.
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