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Search Menu, search Bar, fixed Sidebar, side Navigation.
Subnavigation Menu, dropup, mega Menu, mobile Menu, curtain Menu.
Highly recommend him as a tech mentor, advisor, or teacher.".This's a great example.Sticky Navbar, navbar on Image, hover Dropdowns, click Dropdowns.Can you chat-rom for folk med angst wrap text when message gets bigger?Avatar / /div ' ' div class"text text-l" ' ' p ' text ' /p ' ' /div ' ' /div ' ' /li else control ' li style"width:100 ' ' div class"msj-rta macro" ' ' div class"text text-r" ' ' p 'text' /p '.Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding.What is the reason we should put setTimeout here?Copyright by Refsnes Data.Currently when message is big then it simply overflows a little outside chat pop-up box and is gards!But I wonder why I remove settime as this:jsfunction insertChat(who, text, time) if (time undefined) time 0; var control var date formatampm(new Date if (who "me control ' li style"width:100" ' ' div class"msj macro" ' ' div class"avatar" img class"img-circle" style"width:100 src.The problem of the scroll is already solved.Bootstrap Chat Examples, stay Updated, subscribe to Bootsnipp newsletter.
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I learned more from talking to him than from taking a university-level coursework.