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ChatIgniter uses ajax so that users dont have to refresh your page to view the messages.
Pusher Chat, pushar Chat provides facebook like chat interface for your web applications, it uses Pusher API, supports all browsers, also capable of managing friend list via Json.Only admin can see the other users and regular users can able to see conversation between admin and themselves.The letter also contains an educational program in the field of sports tention!JChat jChat is an ajax realtime chat/messages application created with jQuery, php and mysql to be integrated to bootstrap sex rommet jente admin panels templates or bootstrap applications.JQuery Hip Chat, the jQuery HipChat Plugin is a jQuery plugin that embeds a minimal HipChat chat UI into the target page, allowing visitor to anonymously chat in a HipChat room that has public access enabled.It has support for multiple rooms, users can be active in any number of rooms, chat publicly or privately and perform all of these in a good-looking, tabbed interface.This is free plugin which helps you to easily setup chat interface for your web applications.JQuery UI Chat Box Plugin.I've (kind of) implemented a jQuery ui chat plugin that i found online atbox i have a button on my webpage that toggles the chat box, a user can enter e-post sex chat some text, hit enter and that text will be displayed in their chat box along.This sort of utility would be perfect for a live support system for your website.The system has two types of rooms.It supports multiple browser windows opened with the same session.Firebase Live Chat, this plugin allows you to connect with your users and delivers a user friendly environment for conversation.SharePoint Chat is a jQuery plugin for SharePoint 2007 that places a chat application onto a SharePoint webpart page.
ChatIgniter ChatIgniter is a web-based chat system implemented using CodeIgniter framework.
Chat Plus, chat Plus is a web platform built on php, ajax, jquery and mysql.