Temperature Sensors, measure temperature with a broad selection of Transducers, Mechanical Regulators, Solid State Switches, Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs Thermocouples, Temperature Probes and Thermistors (NTC PTC).
Pressure Sensors, Transducers, pressure Sensors are available a wide range of pressure types: Absolute, Sealed Gauge, Compound, Switch, Differential, Vacuum and Vented Gauge.
Digi-Key offers capacitive, magnetic, mechanical or optical encoder types.
Learn more, for Windows, record your mobile screen with ease from your.Current Transducers are devices that detect electrical current (AC or DC) in a system and generates a proportional or specific electrical signal.Depending on which movie you intend to record you may need to upgrade your graphic card, sound card, CPU or RAM.Read more, share and watch recorded videos on any devices, you can share your recorded videos by uploading them to, Facebook, Vimeo, and any video sharing websites.Solar Cells, solar cells convert light energy to electricity (DC current).LiteCam HD is a video editing software that allows windows users to record and capture anything on their PC screen.For game recording, please take a look at liteCam Game.Sometimes, upgrading gratis chat singler området the driver is recommended in order to record computer sounds.Environmental Sensors, environmental sensing is typically associated with Moisture/Humidity, Dust and Gas Sensors as well as Strain Gauges.LiteCam now supports nvidia cuda, AMD APP, and Intel Quick Sync Video.264 encoder.Inertia, Motion Position Measurement, accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Force, Tilt, Vibration, Flow and Float Level Sensors are some of the products that make up the Inertia, Motion Position Measurement Section.You can add mouse pointer with mouse cursor effects, Add title, ending credits, and logo.Add effects to your recording video.You can Convert your recorded videos to WMV with small file and higher resolution, convert recorded audio to WAV, WMA, and MP3, you can also extract any audio or sound from any recorded video.Amplifiers boost the signal in long range fiber applications.Amplifiers, this section specifically highlights fiber optic amplifiers.Encoders, encoders convert a specific position to an analog or digital electronic signal.
However, if your current sound card does not support full-duplexing, upgrading the driver will not help because it may be hardware related.
Read more, increase video Encoding performance with Hardware acceleration, hardware acceleration gives you an incredible speed boost.