nød av troll til chat-rom

With the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
Update at 4: Seeing the concrete messages I believe that it's just a language barrier here.You definitely shouldn't pester them with questions (e.g.Not an accusation, just a precaution.Most people on chat will know each other already and maybe can't help you or even don't want.By @-mentioning them constantly).You did try to explain yourself, but given that you're in a room full of people interested in R, I can understand that somebody would be skeptic about your real intentions.More generally, I think it's hard to enter chat as a new user, just to ask new questions.There's nothing wrong with an honest discussion.Typical (hypothetical) trolling in Super User chat: HEy u guyz like Microoft or Apple lol?It's good that you brought it up asiatiske tranny cam hjem anyway.They probably thought you were asking a question just to disrupt their current discussion or make them angry about something.Ihatewindowz 21:10, i don't see any other reason for accusing you of trolling, other than posting nonsense questions just to attract attention or provoke others.
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