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It comes with the right balance of features which makes the program easy to use and configure.
Some key features include: Unlimited Cameras and Microphones (including IP and USB cameras Motion Detection, Motion Processing, Recording, Scheduling, Audio, Remote Access, Network Audio Broadcasting, Password Protection, Desktop Recording, Uploading, Cloud Uploading, FTP, sftp, SMS, Twitter and Email alerts.
We experienced a filmen sex and the city online sa prevodom few crashes when testing out this software.
Pros: Enable ordinary webcams to be video surveillance cameras Cheap but effective Trigger burglar alarms.Rear View Mirror, instead of a full featured camera surveillance software, Rear View Mirror is a pretty simple one with its own unique feature where the window of the monitored camera only shows up when motion is detected.That would mean you only get to record nearly 9 minutes of video if you set it to use 30 frames per second.Minimum, your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product.Cons: Limited number of status reports for free accounts, No option to upload or take pictures from phone 6 8 votes 8 12 votes, download, pROS: Makes it easy to hide photos and videos, Save photos directly to vault through camera app, Some neat stealth.6 2 votes 7 60 votes, download, pROS: Very accurate coordinates, Runs silently in the background, Gathers tons of information about missing phone.Although iSpy comes with a huge list of features, there are some very basic functions such as remote access streaming and email alerts that are only available for paid subscribers.Your device should meet these requirements for the best experience.A webcam can also be used as a surveillance camera by installing the correct software and configuring it to automatically record videos, notify you via email and perform custom actions when a motion is detected.It is very rare for a video surveillance software to use SWF format for recording because of the 16,000 frame limit.Cons: Can be tricky to get to grips with, Alarms can be triggered by family pets 8 313 votes, pROS: Doubles as a security camera, cONS: Can be difficult to setup 9 3 votes 10 1 vote 7 16 votes.6 23 votes, download, pROS: Compatible will all types of technology, Packed with useful features.Cons: Can't save contacts, messages or other types of content - No votes yet - No votes yet 7 8 votes pros: Automatic IP camera setup, Covert camera mode, Detects motion and sound cons: Only works with one camera at a time 7 1 vote.Both.NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2012 C redistributable are required by Netcam Studio.For more details http / m/ ml, edited May 16, 2013 at 13:22 UTC.The online user manual documentation is not much of a help either.

Theres a number of software applications that can turn your computer and webcam into a surveillance system, each has its own pros and cons with different features.
If you are looking for a video surveillance software that is packed with features, Netcam Studio is the answer.
SecureCam2, the SecureCam2 installer size is the smallest at only 343KB but it has all the necessary basic features for a security camera software.