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A few months later my friend soldat chat-rom gratis dared me to get my nose and tongue pierced at the same time and she said she would pay for.
Pictures: Any 3 (Random) Pictures From Private Albums:.
1 for fully clothed, or feet, 2 half naked, 3 basic underwear, 4 lingerie, 5 full nudity (No crotchshot 7 full nudity (With crotchshot 8 Nudity and toy play, 10 for custom requests, fetishes, ect.
I will let you know if I feel the need to raise the price or not.If convinced maybe I'll do things with lipstick but I have always been told my lips are a perfect shade of pink so I don't need it and I just do not like applying.I am all for feeding your fetish of feet but do not expect me to return the favor.I hope to move to Canada fairly soon.My next color will be red with pink.I cannot touch feet without the need to clean myself and I shriek when they get near.If video ends off the minute mark it will be rounded to the closest full minute.I do squats daily to keep it in check.All requests start off at 6 for the first minute and 3 for each minute after.I am growing out my hair.If I see pictures of feet I get nauseous and just have to close whatever tab I'm.But for the people who enjoy short hair enjoy it while it lasts.For right now I can NOT do shower scenes.(More to Come video Prices: Basic boob play video with my music in the background: 3 (1:25).

I was diagnosed with Podophobia when I was younger, the fear of feet.