Topic_AND_PIC_locked_FOR_users Only a user with a creator role will be able to change the topic text or accompanying picture for the chat.
For instance, /set guidelines No spoilers!
Please note that most of these commands are for administrating a group chat (and will work only if tenåringsgutter og cam jenter you are group creator however many applies to individual chat as well.
kickban Skype Name Ejects chat member and prevents them from rejoining chat.Conversation convoi id, Consumption horizon, History date and Message count.As in the below table, you dont need to use square brackets around your text after the command.Sets which members are banned from the chat.get uri, creates a URL link that other people can use to join the group chat.If you are just in a chat with one other person, only the relevant chat options will be shown.clearpassword, removes the password security.Configuring, skype, cam jente ferska call Settings.Helper A semi-privileged member.Master Also known as chat hosts.Below list is more comprehensive list.These can be returned to be viewed in the chat by the command /get guidelines.leave Leave current group chat.