One of the studies they conducted is the number of seconds that males and females display fear in these films.
Slasher films, such as, friday the 13th, He Knows You're Alone, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and, prom Night, feature acts of extreme violence portrayed in graphic detail.5 If a person watched all of the slasher films included in the Molitor and Sapolsky study they would have seen sex and violence paired 92 times.Studies show that the most popular slasher films of the 1990s are more violent than the most commercially successful slasher films released in the 1980s.A b c d e f Linz, Daniel; Donnerstein, Edward (1994).In 1996, Wes Cravens.This compares to less than one hour for males.Not only were many of the great writers women, many of them told female-centric stories.A slasher killed 22 of all "innocent" chat-rom for angst female protagonists during or following a sexual display or act.3, molitor and Sapolsky's data revealed huge differences between the treatment of men and women which indicate that females are singled out for victimization in special ways in these films."Dialogue: Sex and Violence in Slasher Films: A Reinterpretation".Couples seen kissing, fondling, or involved in sexual intercourse were also coded as acts of sex.Slasher films of the 1990s portray an act of brutal violence an average of once every two and a half minutes.NC: McFarland Company, Inc.Halloween character, Laurie, as the original and quintessential final girl."Patriarchal Politics in Fatal Attraction" (PDF).

These studies have shown, that after viewing slasher films, college male students have less sympathy for rape victims, see them as less injured, and are more likely to endorse the myth that women enjoy rape.
Shes cool, but only allowed to be cool under certain conditionsmainly not having sex.