This way you only have one instance of Gaim with several network windows, rather than 3 instances of Gaim with 1 network each.
Super annoying especially when youre talking to someone and cant get back on the app.Copyright 2018 LiveChat, Inc.They will only receive the file if they accept.You may also use the normal Freenode Web Chat site and most any somewhat modern browser.I doubt they do anything about this guy.And why does it make you restore your session after 10 minutes sometimes and then other times after like 30 seconds?Puppy Chat Rooms Chat rooms (t server) English: # puppylinux Spanish: # puppy-es Spanish: # puppy-click Related Pages Puppy Chat Room Rules IRC Translation IRC on Wikipedia Puppy Shout probably best to arrange a meeting here Meebo Categories CategoryCommunity CategoryNetworking.Puppy is a nice OS in that if you have your firewall on, it appears relatively "invisible" and doesn't seem to respond to ping attempts.Fixes itself like 48 hours later when everyone has deleted your chat room or whatever but then itll happen again in a day or two.Enter t as the chat server and #puppylinux as the channel in the appropriate places.See rule #4 above!When you open Gaim, instead of selecting a specific account and then clicking the sign in button, I click the accounts button and then place a checkmark in the online button of each account I wish to use during that Gaim session.Using IRC Programs, if you have an IRC-enabled browser (e.g.If a developer reads this, please contact me somehow.This guy has some serious issues spy cam sex bånd and needs to be stopped.If that doesn't work then with other IRC-capable programs like.We look forward to meeting you soon.Opera or, seaMonkey firefox with, chatZilla installed go to irc:t/puppylinux in your browser and then pick your nickname.LiveChat customer service software for business: live chat software to increase sales, free live chat trial, comes with built-in help desk software.IT IS neveood idea TO SET your DCC TO auto-accept.
Developer Response, sure, we read this.
Wink Bots may be programmed to be malicious however, so be careful.

Don't chat with ey don't talk back.
And one more thing: IT wont restore MY session!